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Adults and kids, we welcome patients of all ages at our Surrey Hills family dental clinic! We offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry services, including RCT treatment, dental implants, tooth extractions, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and more at affordable price. Our team is passionate about building lifetime relationships through positive experiences, featuring:

“Our word is our worth. We promise to do it right, timely, and for a fair price.”

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Comprehensive Dental Care at Surrey Hills


Let’s get one thing straight— your teeth.

Evidence-based dentistry (EBD)

Highest Quality Care

Our team believes in use of the best available scientific evidence to make clinical decisions. This means that our practitioners make dental treatment decisions based on the most up-to-date and reliable research available, rather than relying solely on intuition, tradition, or personal experience. Ask us why we do what we do – we all love a chat!

Meet Our Experienced Team:

  1. Dr. Jonathan Jiang
  2. Dr. Ben Ma
  3. Dr. Diana Jacob
  4. Dr. Lain Poi


Our office offers easy claiming options with private insurance health funds. Whether you have a decayed tooth, gum disease, or need personalised oral health care, we are here to help.  Our team will explain how your specific dental benefits apply to the cost of treatment. 

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1hr on-street parking in front of the clinic on Whitehorse Rd. 2hr off-street parking opposite clinic (enter from Union Rd)

552 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills VIC - 3127 Australia

Monday–Thursday: 8:30AM–5:30PM

Tram Route 109- UNION RD, STOP 53

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